Resourcefulness art project with Lee Holden

A morning workshop at college with artist Lee Holden. It centred around the idea that shops like Poundland and Leyland (builders’ merchants) could be the new suppliers of readymades for artists.

“An ordinary object [could be] elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.” (Duchamp)

We had a budget of £5 and a day to create some work. It was a bit like Ready, Steady, Cook for art :)


I used some rubble sacks (that for some reason came in white, green and pink), special radiator-pipe-beautifying-collars (I never knew such things existed, but I’m a sucker for shiny and chrome), some rubber hose, yellow string and adhesive hooks. I enjoyed the curves and shadows this piece made; the combination of the string’s taut vertical lines from it being suspended, and the gentle curves of the hose object and the shadows it cast…

My favourite piece was this one; stepping onto one of he semi-inflated sacks inflated the other one and vice versa. Simple pleasures and somehow very satisfying!

I really enjoyed this workshop; having the constraints of budgets / sources of objects, and thinking about how to transform something that already had a recognisable identity and transforming it convincingly into something else.

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