Creating a visual identity for the Brixton Pound’s community lottery – a mini-Made In Lambeth event

I spent Saturday helping design a visual identity for a Brixton Pound (B£) project – a community lottery for Brixton – as part of a (mini) Made in Lambeth event.

You can read the notes I made about the day over on BrixtonBuzz.

For my part, I worked up the logo; we really liked the idea of using the B ‘squared’ in the logo as a way of expressing how the money could be ‘multiplied’ and the idea that a win (or a grant from the community fund) could be a building block, or a step up for whatever plans you have.

mini-Made in Lambeth event

We got excited about how the idea of the ‘block’ idea could be interpreted and developed; Connecting ‘blocks’ has a  playful feel – made us think of hopscotch (a way of using floor tiles to lead you to playing points?) and those sliding puzzle games (move the tiles to reveal a… ?).

Brixton Pound Community lottery branding ideas

It was a fun, social and really productive day – we got a lot done in around 6 hours! I look forward to seeing what happens next…

More info
mini-Made in Lambeth Community Fund brief
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