Accountability and artists; ‘Be Smart About Art’ gallery visit and talk

This month’s Be Smart About Art First Friday (#bsaaff on Twitter) was a visit to the Bleach Box gallery  in Portobello. Each month is in a different place, with the gallerist giving useful insights into how their particular exhibitions spaces work.

The January talk was by Richard Heep, photographer and founder of Bleach Box, and was an interesting look into the world of hand-printed colour photography. Colour can be such a subjective thing, and as Richard spoke about the usefulness of having a printing partner in the darkroom to kind of ‘cross check’ the process, it made me think…

Part of the fun of these events is to meet other practising artists and others involved professionally in the field in a social way, but it also serves a practical purpose. By talking about what you’re working on, what you’re currently fascinated by, you’re also creating a network of art partners, and that next time you see each other you can potentially ‘cross check’ each other’s practise.

Getting your intentions ‘out there’ and explaining what you’re up to can really clarify your thoughts about stuff, and having this kind of accountability (and support) can be a great motivator.

I have my own challenge for next month from BSAA member and painter / sculptor (Stephen Charlton): to talk for two minutes about my own sculptural practise without going erm… too much :)

Here’s to February’s event at the Anise Gallery in Shad Thames!

#bsaaff Be Smart About Art First Fridays
Anise Gallery, 13a Shad Thames, London, SE1 2PU
Feb. 7, 2014, 6:30  – 8:30 p.m
Members go free | Visitors £15

Gallery founder Jacquelyn Jubert will give a short talk on the current exhibition ‘Berlin Voids’and Susan Mumford (BSAA) gives her 3 top networking tips each month.

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