Fortune teller I – maquette

With a normal paper fortune teller, you can pick a new ‘fortune’ or fate over and over by picking a different colour or number. I wanted to make a monumental version that would be immoveable; the fate you were given overshadowing (overwhelming?) you as you were unable to change it.

Seeing yourself reflected in the surface of the object, you might think about how you could take responsibility for your ‘luck’ yourself, instead of relying on games or good luck rituals.

I quickly realised that getting something this large, cast in metal and chromed would be very, very expensive! Experimenting with different materials, I came across a plastic that made the same kind of springy folds as the tightly bent paper maquette; it felt like a coiled spring, and had the right amount of ‘give’.

I also liked the mixture of transparent and mirrored surfaces. Like a mirror maze, you could almost see your way through it, but every so often you’d be confronted with your own image stopping you from moving forward.

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