Phone sketchbook: finger or stylus?

These are done using Sketchbook Mobile Android app which is pretty impressive, but without a decent stylus, still not as good as a paper and pen somehow…

Sketchbook Mobile sketches

It has a really great interface, customisable brushes etc, and you can create images with layers, so it’s a bit like a mini Photoshop app – more than enough for any images you’d want to create on a 2 or 3″ screen (video of Sketchbook Mobile demo).

I’d love to use with a capacitive stylus with a point for more accurate / detailed drawing.  One that doesn’t have a ‘spongebob‘ tip (a la all the iPad ones) as otherwise I’m not sure how they improve on using your finger. The oStylus looks like it gives you super professional accuracy, but it looks *way* over the top in terms of the metal, handmade, objet-ness of it.

I guess I could always sharpen a frozen sausage? Anyone know of a vegetarian alternative? :)

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