Matchbox blanks – the joy of printed ephemera!

I picked this matchbox blank up at one the Ephemera Society events a while ago, and recently re-discovered it in a tidy-up.

For some reason they make me happy to look at and hold, and l was trying to figure out why.

  • It could be I just love roughly one and two colour printed stuff on card…
  • It could be that the scored lines on the unfolded boxes frame the graphics like a miniature variation of a triptych and I like that…
  • It could just be the bizarre combination of all the elements; the classical sculpture, the anchor (!?), the typography and the strike panels becoming super graphic abstracts when they’re taken out of the context of being part of a matchbox…

Whatever the reason, I thought I’d scan-and-tell : ) Check out the design with a swallow and the one with another of my loves; a diagram (and the requisite anchor of course!)

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