Back at an easel again

1 hour lifedrawing pose from week 1

1 hour lifedrawing pose from week 1

Have gone back to lifedrawing class; first time in probably 15 years (eek!). I was fully expecting to freeze up and only be able to scratch out a 2″ high little stick (wo)man, but after 6 poses in the 2 and a half hour session, I was quite pleased with what I’d done…

It’s a strange experience really,  the resulting pics themselves aren’t anything that I like aesthetically or anything, but I really enjoyed the process; don’t think – just draw…

I guess it’s a bit like being a child again when what you’re seeing doesn’t always translate that well onto paper! :) Anyhow, the class is for another 10 weeks so am keeping a record of how the pics progress…

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