Marzipan smells and tastes delicious (if you are so inclined) but is pretty underwhelming to draw until someone has made it into marzipan fruit or icing.

However it did make me think of soft, cake-y colours and the latticework of pie crusts so here is a marzipan pattern instead… I quite like how the pattern looks a little stained glassish too.


For some beautiful examples of *real* stained glass, head over to Flora’s blog

If you love the smell, try out Smitten from Lush; smells of Playdoh / almonds… yum!

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  1. Flora says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Yup, I’m definitely feeling the marzipan from your painting.
    Funny you should mention Play-doh – I just made an industrial quantity today to keep my nearly 2 year old amused, and added a few drops of almond essence to make it smell more like the genuine article.

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