Lobster / Snobber

If the words Vomit, Flu, Deadline, and Lethargy had been some of those omitted from the Junior OUP Dictionary, I'd have done quite well these past four days of Every Day in May… I don't seem to remember them on the list though, so I get back in the saddle with Lobster instead.


I used to have a rubber lobster bath toy that I think I ate the antenna, or at least some of the legs of.

I couldn't say lobster then ( I was v small) so he became a snobber instead. So here are some dancing Snobbers. (Lino-print / acrylic / some scribble & Photoshop)

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  1. Flora says:

    Oh dear, sounds like a grim week!
    Love the lobster/snobber though ;)

  2. Hmm, yes I had that bug too this wek.
    Isobel could say apricopters, but said heliclo when trying to describe a whirlybird.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend in Dorset!

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