‘Scrumptious’ – Bea’s of Bloomsbury weren’t lying either!


Recommended by Miss R D (via her contact in the Afternoon Tea underground of Chicago…). This is now my official 'best afternoon tea in London bar none'!

High accolade indeed, but how can it not, when the jam and clotted cream arrive not in measly little dishes, but in gravy boats(!) and the (homemade in the kitchen in the back) cakes are on a stand where the handle is a pair of golden-shod ladies legs?

Where a tea comprising fresh, warm, scones, generous jam & clotted cream, a selection of brownies (blonde, chocolate and a nutty one), selection of meringues (cocoa, raspberry and plain) plus your choice of cupcake is all yours for £8!

I don't know if there is an Ottolenghi connection, the meringues and passion fruit tarts bear a remarkable resemblance, does anyone know?

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