A child’s dictionary for 2009

bugger celebrity, vandalism & block graphs – give me catkins, brooks, minnows, acorns, buttercups, herons, almonds, marzipan, ash, beetroot, bray, bridle, piglets, porpoises, gooseberries, ravens, carnations, blackberries, tulips, porridge and conkers….

Henry Porter reports of words that have been added and removed in the latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary… I think I've just discovered my theme for May (especially so, now that Whitsun is another one to feel the blow of the editors pen!)…

I'll respond each day of May to one of these words and post it up. Maybe it can turn into a children's book one day so kids have some chance of recognising a catkin or piglet when they see one!

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  1. Flora says:

    Just reading those words sounds like poetry! I mean, Marzipan – fabulous isn’t it! I might start using it as a superlative.
    I shall be tuning in to your Every Day in May ^.^

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