Coffee & Cakes vs Cancer

Mac_mugTomorrow is the Macmillan Cancer Charity’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event. I’m holding one at ours in the afternoon and cakes have been planned..

  • gingerbread ‘shapes’; cos I love gingerbread
  • chilli choc fudge cake; that Dan lepard is a genius
  • beetroot cake; guess what was in the veg box!
  • pumpkin pie; autumnal innit?

Still, I know it’s a work day, and not all of you who read my blog are even in the same country, so I’ve also set up a virtual Coffee Morning event too! You can still have your cake and eat it (boom boom) at work, or in a different time zone nonetheless…All amounts are appreciated; from broken Digestive to Black Forest Gateaux size :)

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