Battersea Power Station Open Day

BPS sign

Another decade, another plan for this fabulous building. Treasury Holdings and REO had an open day yesterday as part of the consultation process and we went along to take a look.

There is a pop-up gallery with plans, models, films (also posters from some of the previous planned developments over the years…) and then there is the walk around and just into the building itself. I’d been to the site before, but never close enough to the structure to see all the beautiful tile and brick work, and the lovely rusty crane beasts (we couldn’t work out if they were to stay or not as part of the development). They look like sculptures now…

If the plan comes off, it’ll feature an Eden project style dome, retain the Michelin Building tiling inside and echo very much to Tate Modern up-river. There’s also the self sufficient aspect of the project, new riverside park, extra station on the Northern line, and of course the usual residential and commercial ‘opportunities’.

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