Rolled Dates

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Been inspired by foodie blogs of late; most notably Veggie Meal Plans (does what it says in the title – and the kind of food I like eating too) and Nourish Me, although the seasons are all mixed up as I think she is in Aus. I’ve made the chocolate and lager chilli,, the Nepalese potato salad, and improvised on the already-modified Rolled Dates by using dates, oats, orange juice, cinnamon and Jamaican pepper… yummy they were too! Loads of VMP recipes use chipotle en adobo which I’ve never come across in a shop, but as soon as I get some (a stall in borough market sells it apparently) I’ll be sure to try out some of those recipes…

Funnily enough I’m meeting friends in later at Wahaca, where there’s lots of c.e.a on the menu too! I’m hoping it’s a tasty experience – there’s a dearth of good Mexican food in London….

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  1. ilona says:

    LOVE Wahaca! Great burritos and margaritas… Did you enjoy it?

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