Late planting…

Had given up on any vegetable aspirations after the allotment drama of last year, and was preparing to freecycle all my veg seeds. Then! I read this amazing book called the Window-box Allotment and am ready to try again, albeit in a much smaller, drier and more exposed location (a balcony 10 floors up!)

Just sowed some dwarf french beans ‘Firetongue’, tomatoes ‘Gartenperle’ and the old favourite ‘gardener’s delight’, courgette ‘Bambino’, ‘Anaheim’ chilli peppers, alpine strawberries ‘Mignonette’ and some basil, parsley and coriander.

On the flower front I’m trying thrift again – even though it took ages to germinate, they did last on the balcony over winter – and some freebie rudbeckia ‘Cherokee’ seeds. I’m also planning some poppies, scabiosa, zinnia and dahlias (they were fab last year, and I can see the tops of them peeking up already.)

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