Moving Pictures

I’d bought a copy of the The Adventures of Prince Achmed about 4 months ago, but had never got around to watching it. As my mum was coming over for the evening for a belated Christmas evening, I suggested we watch it…
“errr…. that’s what I got you as your Christmas present!”

Doh! Anyhow, we watched it and were transported into a magical animated world; it was hard to remember the silhouettes were all hand cut, the animation stop-frame and this done in the 20s.

The new edition has beautiful saturated colours, swirly and smoky effects that make you really think hard as to how it was achieved and delicate, delicate silhouettes.

It reminded me of the Kingdom Under the Sea book I had as a child with illustrations by Jan Pienkowski and of the magic lantern slides I’d seen on a barge in Little Venice. Perhaps on the puppet barge? I love the pic from the early 80s which exactly evokes my memories of the lock from when I was small :)

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