Close to Nature

Up at 7 on a foggy Sunday morning (made ever-so slightly worth it by seeing participants taking part in the Brighton Run), then 4 hours on a train / bus / train to Dorset for my grandma’s housewarming… after 20+ years of living in a thatched cottage worthy of a chocolate box portrait, she’s moved to the ‘big city’ (about 4 miles down to road, pop. 2,920).


The new house is lovely, and of great import to me, has beautiful deep windowsills; big enough to curl up on with a book. These windowseats and their cushions are one of the strongest memories I have of her last house, and I’m pleased to see the tradition continue… maybe it’s a Dorset thing… Anyhow, she seems very settled and happy in her new home, and I wish her many happy times in it.


We went for a walk up Gerrard’s Hill later that day and saw lots of fughi… very autumnal…

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