Christmas coming early…

I broke my own rule about doing anything Christmassy before at least November, but only by one day… Yesterday morning I ventured north to the optimistically named Cultural Quarter of Wood Green to partake in a choir.. yes sing! for a record! heh… Ms McCookerybook was making songs for Bendi Records, and needed some singers (and non singers – see where I fit in?) to sing crazy Christmas words including ‘Ding’ and ‘Dong’ a lot… I was nervous, but keen to see if I actually *could* sing – it’s been a long held curiosity never quite making it into practise. Well anyway the reward was a fruity lolly so how could I refuse. I was very glad to take part, and impressed by H making it not-at-all scary and fun… Listen to the final result! – Christmas Queen

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  1. Helen McCookerybook says:

    Em, you were brilliant and I really appreciated your coming! I think I was as nervous as everyone else and it took the whole day before I calmed down, but I honestly can’t believe how great you all sounded, and I haven’t stopped grinning since.

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