Book love

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Me and books always get on well, and this month has seen a blossoming of our relationship :)

  • Read it, Swap it has seen me finally get rid of a bunch of unsuccessful reads in favour of some new novels for 0 pence! (well ok, stamp pence)
  • Brixton library has been nominated for this years’s Love Libraries Award, so get voting! I went in there the other day and they have a great exhibition of weird collections in jam-jars – fab :)
  • A belated b-day present from dear I; Chronicle Book’s Smart Women Read Between the Lines. It has cute bookmarks, bookplate stickers and a list of 100 best books by female authors.

That, along with the autumnal weather is making me want to curl up under a duvet and get reading…

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  1. Mandy says:

    Hello – I was just thinking today how much I love Chronicle Books :) They have such cool accessories too.

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