Walking, walking walking….

Have been walking (some) of the designated km each day in the build up to the 44km (eek) I’ll be doing in September – even bought some ‘proper’ walking shoes so hopefully blisters will be avoided. Also going off to the Swiss mountains next week so I’ll get some Heidi walking in – skipping across mountain meadows helps right? :)

Donations have been brilliant, but I still have to meet the goal of £500, so I’ve put a little ‘sponsor me’ icon on the right hand side of my blog. If you’re feeling in the mood to shell out some cash – go ahead and click it.
All / Any amount is much appreciated!

Just to remind you, I’m walking 44km on September 8th 2007,  to help support the 44,000 people who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in the UK.

My walk is for my aunties, Top & Maria xxx

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