First Lido swim of 2007

Brrrr! It was worth it though… Once you get your breath back of course :)

Today is the 70th birthday of the Brockwell Lido, and they celebrated with a 70p entrance fee, book signing, 1937 brick sale(!) and birthday cake.


It’s so good to be back, stormy clouds or not, and to have tea and toast first thing in the morning after a swim with pals.

The lido had been closed since last year and only re-opened last week. Fusion have done a good job so far (from the bit I have seen – the rest of the site opens in September), the prices for an early morning swim are only up 10p, there are more bike racks, the lovely Beamish and McGlue cafe is still there and they opened the date they said they would…

However… the changing rooms (for swimmers only? maybe there’ll be bigger ones once the gym opens) are weeny – hooks for clothes only, no lockers and only 3 showers (all cold!). Also the price of a season ticket seems to have gone right up, and with a shorter open season seems to make little financial sense…

Anyhow, on the whole it’s great to be back :)

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