3 miles today

Thought I’d start off following the Breakthrough plan of walking a little bit every day – we do most days, but figured I’d measure the distance around Ruskin park and see how I got on. So, today’s target was the strangely specific 4.8km. According to the ped, one and half times around Ruskin park with a bit of meandering around the side streets was just over 3 miles (which I think is about the same). I may well have offset this with the bread and butter pudding and custard I had at lunchtime with M, G and her sister, but one has to keep one’s energy up, no? :)
I found this handy hack of gmaps which also works out distances, so will plan some more routes soon. Today’s walk.

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  1. Felicia says:

    I was trying to figure out were you were and thought it might be Florida. I lived a couple of years in Ruskin, Florida as a kid but I don’t think thats were you are. :) Congrats on doing 3 miles!

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