Sarah Raven volunteering; fruit garden

So – last day at the magic garden… We were in the Fruit Garden today, hoeing the gravel beds between the gooseberries and strawberries.

Also planted up these pink tulips in the giant pots either side of the path. It was a little like excavating a dig in these pots as they were full of other plants / bulbs from other seasons…


This is the thing I find hardest about figuring out stuff to plant on the balcony and would truly like help figuring it out. A plan for one pot + 4 seasons = ?? Are there any good books / articles about sequential planting?

After one *last* visit to the on-site shop I came away with a purple trug (it had to be done!) and the following seeds:

– Gaura (‘The Bride’ – I had one of these as a plant before but it died; second time lucky?)
– Scabiosa ‘Black Cat’, Tall Doubles and ‘Fama’
– Poppy ‘Meadow Pastel and Ruprifragum (orange)
– Summer and Winter Savoury (inspired by the herb beds at Bateman’s)
– Alpine Strawberry ‘Mignonette’
– Patty Pan Squash ‘Custard White’
– Greater Quaking Grass (just liked the name!)
– Zinnias ‘Envy’ (a lovely chartreuse colour) and ‘Sprite’
– Astrantia Major, deep red

also B gave me a Cup & Saucer plant and a Froggy Chrysanthemum… yay!

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