Looks like we’ve finally sorted out a space for us to get planting on the allotment, and optimistically I’ve sown a bunch of seeds in readyness on the kitchen windowsill.


Some are things that’ll stay (like the tomatoes – that kept M in red fruit for about 4 months last year!), some will come up the hill with me when the soil is ready…

As there are – ahem – quite a lot of things growing, I did a seed marking chart (you can download the PDF here), to try and keep tabs on them… However as some things – like the sunflowers and purple podded pea* – have already burst their cells and I’ve had to repot them into glamorous loo rolls, I’m not sure if it’ll work…I guess as the plants get bigger I can cut it up and use them as labels, or stick them in my notebook or whatever. Anyhow it looks pretty stuck on the fridge, so it makes me happy…ย  :)

*v. excited by this – it was donated to us by the blanket recipient.. and look how amazing the flowers are.. They change colour by the hour apparently!

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