Loose threads

photo from flickr

this afternoon whilst in N London I had time to kill before an appointment, and wandered into The London Bead Company. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was one of those shop that seem like Alladin’s cave; they keep unfolding more and more things the further you go in. It’s a combination of bead shop (at the front) and super good haberdasher in the back with miles and miles of threads! The only thread I’ve ever used to embroider with was the Anchor tapestry wool and DMC cotton. But here were silks from Kaalund (I thought they only made yarn!), The Thread Gatherer’s Sheep Silk (my fave), Cotton Sampler Thread from The Gentle Art*, and Watercolours by Caron. I couldn’t resist…. :)

They also have lots of books about knitting, embroidery, quilting, beading (including some Japanese ones) as well as yarn, needles (knitting and sewing) and  loads of other useful things – I definitely recommmend a visit!

*I love that they have grey-brown colour thread called LA Haze :)

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