Mattock this! Volunteering at Windmill Allotments, Brixton

Some of the Craft Club are helping out on an allotment – we visited properly for the first time on Sunday for 2 hours of mattocking!

When we went up before it was just for a chat and a mooch around… saw a robin and a fat ginger cat and heard about the cheeky foxes that’ll nick your gloves if you leave them lying about.


This time H had plans for us to re-dig over the patch from last week and get the soil ready for spring… I’ve got the feeling digging features for about a quarter of the gardening year. :)

It’s a good feeling a: helping someone sort out thir plot and b: planning for our own little patch in the future. There are a ton of brambles up there so there could be Blackberry jam in the autumn… speaking of which; Ginger, Oxford and regular marmalade was made in the afternoon… once we’d divided it up there was only one jar each of the Ginger one – will have to make more as it is delicious!

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