Knitting New Year Resolutions and review of 2006 projects

Thinking about New Year resolutions and making a list of stuff I’d done in 2006 to give me some ideas, I completely forgot to put in knitting projects! so, last year I made:

boyfriend (mistake rib) scarf
Misty Garden feather and fan scarf
Melinda cardi (finished this year, started in ’05!)
Jeager Cyd (finished this year, started in ’05!)
– Glampyre’s one skein shrug
– Market bag
– Rowan beach cool: Cannes
– L&R bootees
– Seaside scarf

feather and fan

Not bad! and I was thinking I didn’t get much done :)

This year I’m finally going to tackle socks (any good beginners patterns anyone? I’d like a toe-up one if possible cos I have yarns of uncertain lengths I want to use!). Also aim to finish mum’s cardi before *next* Christmas – aiming for Mother’s day.. seems feasible :)

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  1. BrownPants says:

    That’s a pretty long list! How about Jaywalkers (magknits) for socks? I just did one and it’s pretty straight forward but very effective. It’s not toe up though.

  2. Liz says:

    wow, you have a long list, but they seem realistic things to finish. I want to do the lizard ridge throw and also the swing jacket and also try some socks, I’ve never attempted them before either. Let me know if you get a good pattern, we could have a beginner sock KAL!!

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