Scarf finished for New Year

According to some Sottish folkloric thingy, all current knitting projects need to be done and dusted before New Year’s Eve… andย  no new ones started until midnight.01 of the New Year… this might be to give us all a break from knitting like demons to get things finished for Christmas or it might not…

Anyhow I got this scarf (called Boyfriend Scarf, but done for me) done over Christmas at my mum’s…. super relaxing to knit (single rib one side, knit the other) v. soft and lovely colours to hold and look at:

Lana Grossa – Bingo (88 Green)
Lana Grossa – Bingo Chinรฉ (Turquoise) and
Kaalund Yarn – Relish (Camphor Laurel) on 6mm needles
(info on Ravelry)

The colours don’t look so hot here; it’s what comes with trying to take photos using only a desklamp and the only natural light to speak of is British Winter Grey…. it’s less lime-y and more bright green-y… yum!

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  1. BrownPants says:

    Ooooh, lovely. Varied shades of green together link that look awesome!

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