Buttons and babies

Partake in the NY ritual that is doing laundry in the basement… quite weird, but quite comforting too.. it’s warm and has clean smells, and some kind people have left lots of books to read…
Visit Tender Buttons (143 E. 62nd St @ Lexington Ave and am overwhelmed by the choice… love their framed button ‘pictures’ though so might use that as an idea..
Take the subway down to Brooklyn and walk through Prospect Park (love it!) to Brooklyn Museum of Art.. see Rob Mueck’s amazing people.. can’t stop ‘watching’ them to see if they move :)
Uptown to meet M and watch a taping of the Colbert Report – good fun, but v. short.. I guess once they put in all the ads it makes up a half an hour slot, but really it was about 12 mins filming!
Go to the Sidewalk Cafe (94 Ave A) for dinner and watch the bands… a strange British sound engineer makes announcements them in a ‘scream-if-you-want-to-go-faster style that is a bit disconcerting…Pink Margaritas… :)

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