busy like a bee….

You know that feeling that your day is already full and you couldn’t possible squeeze in another minute to do anything? and yet somehow there *is* time to do everything… Other days you have ages to get one tiny thing done – and don’t… time is a mysterious thing….

So anyway… I was up at quarter to seven doing some drawings for Singapore Airlines magazine – and because they are 8 hours or something ahead, it meant the deadline was deadlier than I had supposed – phew! all done now though… back to the real work I’m doing for UKTV…

Just a bit of time to post up about some craft though; the ornament swap I’ve signed up for (just think – 8 surprise packages from around the world will be sent, and arriving – exciting mail again!). And also the book the lil birds are in – look, one even made it to the cover – yay! Got the proofs back for my section so it’s looking like it’ll be out soon.. :)

Lastly – tonight the Actionettes will be over at The Bethnal Green Working Men’s club dancing at Legal Tender…we’ll be on about 10ish so come shake a leg and say hello!

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