Autumn amble in Kent

Today was such a beautiful sunshiny day we set off with the book of South London walks and caught the train to Kent…

Farnborough Parish Room

Only one stop past Herne Hill it felt like the countryside already, and by the time we arrived in Farnborough (Village, not the place where they have the airshows) it was hard to believe we were here on a zone 1-6 travelcard!

Gypsy Rose Lee's gravestone, Farnborough, Kent


The walk started off by going through a graveyard (where ‘Gypsy Lee’ is buried, and there is a memorial to Dr Thomas Young, who figured out the Egyptian Hieroglyphics on the Rosetta stone)

and then it was fields, horses, autumn-type nature, and the weirdest combination of things I’ve ever seen; had it been in the Saatchi gallery it would’ve made a lovely installation!…

Strange combination of nature

Some horse tail (or mane), a ladybird and a spider all caught on the barb of a barbed wire fence… strange… maybe it was an ancient Autumn spell…

Holwood Mansion

We walked past Holwood Mansion, the bench where Wilberforce and Pitt discussed plans to abolish slavery and the fishponds filled by the source of the Ravensbourne River; eating blackberries and drinking Kent’s Best all added to the feeling of spending a proper October afternoon in the country….


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