Music and dancing (with fish & chips)

Been a busy weekend with M doing an Offline night at the Albert, Actionette M getting married on Saturday and then off to Chichester on Sunday to see M’s uncle for his 60th birthday… Chichester a very pretty town, with a Roman wall that you can walk on circling the old city and a brilliant gallery (Modern British Art: The First 100 Years exhibition was on – yay)… The birthday party was set in the garden of Sir Antony Eden’s old house (!).. There were plenty of beers in a bath tub, a fish & chip van doing the catering and lots of little candles lighting up the Sussex countryside.. it was the first time I’d eaten mushy peas too.. :)

On Tuesday some of the Actionettes danced at The Luminaire for Fortuna POP!‘s 10th birthday.. we were supposed to be dancing with Cannonball Jane (in our netball outfits and with sparkly pink pom poms!) but she canceled… so we did one of our own sets and listened in awe to the trumpet playing, bell ringing, shouty singing of Bearsuit… :)

Last night was *another* Offline – this time in Brixton – and a band called Subsource who, although they nicked our terribly original idea of red shirts and black pants, seemed to blur into the music, their instruments and mountains of technology in a pleasing way…


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