Busy week, busy weekend…

Have been working up in town for the past week so excuse my lack of updates… However before that, I managed to finish off Cyd! yay… only took..er… a year to complete :)
On Friday Mr HDIF put on a gig at Jamm where both I’m From Barcelona, and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names performed. It was great! IFB managed to combine balloons, confetti, kazoos, wholesome Swedish pop and arm movements to a song about a treehouse to create a bonkers party atmosphere, and SKWBN nipped down after their gig in N London to play (mandolin?) guitar-y indie electronica and wear cute shirts and glasses…


Saturday we went along to the Thames Festival (which has now turned into a two day affair..). There was tons of stuff on; music, performance, digging in the river beach, boats and fireworks.. We had to miss the fireworks and head back to Mau’s for a welcome-home-from-Paris party and then on to a birthday drink for Nikki…phew!

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