Swap with Tutti Fruiti

The lovely B wrote to me via Flickr to see if I’d do a swap with her in Australia… She wanted one of these cupcakes, and as it’s always interesting to see stuff from other countries, we included some yarn, homemade things, fabric and patterns as part of the swap…


Am thrilled with the things she sent:

  • Cherry Ripe (eaten – yum! have never had that before.. kind of a dark chocolate bounty with cherries in it..)
  • Handmade pincushion, tape measure cover, tissue holder and cuff – so cute!
  • A Jo Sharp book – Eclectic… also some tiny books about other Jo Sharp yarns that include patterns too.. such a cool idea :)
  • Some freezer paper – have been keen to try out making stencils with this..
  • some lovely fabric

and I think she is happy with the stuff I sent over to her too – a good swap! :)

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  1. Belinda says:

    I just notice the buttons in your flickr photos. I never found those, I’m racing out to the recycling bin now. Maybe I was a little hasty with the unwrapping :(

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