Clapotis in Wales…

Just come back from a long weekend in Wales where some more of Clapotis was knitted… I’ve switched over from using stitch markers to just purling to show where the stitch eventually needs to be dropped.. much easier!


An annoying thing using the Tapestry yarn however… I know that sometimes the wool snaps and there are knots joiining the two ends together, but… Rowan did you need to tie a very thin, pale blue end to a much thicker, darker blue end?


it is supposed to be a subtley blended variagated wool after all!

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  1. helen says:

    This looks lovely – very cosy colours. I don’t think its crazy doing winter projects in summer. I have a cardy on the go that started in winter and has become a summer project. I’m sure it will still be going in November which is reassuring in a way.

  2. rhelynn says:

    Oh! I just got my hands on some of this yarn — what a posh project!

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