old classics….

I looked through this book – Still Open – in Foyles and somehow all that day I came across a bunch of shops, galleries and websites that somehow embody that classic, independent feel. The book reminds you that there are still gems in London to be proud of (a bit like Classic Cafes does) , evocative of a time when high streets looked like this, instead of endless chain stores… although Paxton and Whitfield (scroll down the page) still looks pretty much the same on Jermyn St today…

Good to see The Piccadilly Cafe mentioned, Lina Stores on Brewer St and
the Fishmongers L. S. Mash with wrought iron sea scene above it on Atlantic Rd…

You already know about A Gold, but have you been to Labour & Wait? Rennart has moved to the seaside and I’ve never been to St Jude’s in Norfolk, but would like some clothes from the Old Town!

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