A trip to the seaside

M took me for a birthday lunch at Terre a Terre in Brighton… deelish!

It was also the first day of proper June sunshine here in London, so predictably the Brighton train was packed to the roof with day trippers to the seaside. It was quite romantic actually, something age-old about the desire to wander along the sea front, paddle and eat ice-cream all day :).

Watching people on the beach (anther good way to while away a sunny afternoon..) I was taken by the many ways that people found to amuse themselves with the warm pebbles..

  • Find stripy ones, or ones with holes in
  • line up a selection according to size
  • throw them into the sea
  • find flat ones to skim into the sea
  • lay them in a line along your arm / leg / stomach and let the warmth soak into you
  • collect a few to put into your pocket as a reminder of the lovely day you’re having
  • search out ‘mermaids’ glass, shells and dried seaweed

It’s the same feeling you get messing about in rockpools – time stops as you get absorbed in doing the simplest things…

In the afternoon we visted Castor and Pollox, one of my favourite galleries in Brighton, and took the Volks Railway train along the seafront and discovered some treasures atย Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

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