Stop-frame animation – plasticine bird

The latest sections in AW are getting more and more relevant for me… not least the chapter about having lists and lists of things to do, but not adding in any fun stuff or playing… it gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, after work, admin, household stuff…. ah yeah, *then* I can do the good things… (in about 6 months time!)

Last time I visited the art shop I picked up some plasticine, remembering the smell and wanting to buy some…’computer says no’, so I put it back and forgot about it until earlier today. J had some hand cream – smitten from lush – and it has the smell of a mixture of plasticine and bakewell tarts… (actually it is a lot nicer than it sounds – I am a bit ‘smitten’ with it!). I remembered about the little treats bit in the book, and bought some.

A not terribly inspiring terracotta colour, but as soon as I opened the pack, I was away – a coil pot, squidgy blobs… this little bird came out and I remembered the stop frame animation I did at college (loved doing it, except the studio was effectively a cupboard which got very hot from the lights, very quickly and melted things!)


(click for animation)

So plasticine = a good hour of fun! (Oh and check out all the cool creatures that are made from it!)

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