Oats and other things

Some serious time on the internet tonight that led from a newsletter from the 24 Hour Museum (always good for ideas for an AD), to an exhibition of Quaker tapestries (I love this mixture of words and pictures) in Norwich, to thinking about Quakers (and oats – unfortunately nothing to do with Quakers, or even William Penn*, and all to do with Pepsico) and other kinds of tapestries (again, the mixture of words and pictures), to being reminded of a children’s book I once had, to reading about the man who did paintings of the same name, to reading some more about Quakers and ‘about the intersection of religion & politics, conscience & law, history & biography‘, to taking another look at the fabulous idea that is Pepys Diary online (one new entry everyday for hmm… probably the next few years at least!) to finding out about the man who is responsible for this project and then seeing where is 10 minutes from anywhere on the tube!

*Funnily enough the trial of Penn & Meade came up on the project I am working on at the moment about the importance of impartiality, I never knew it was *that* Penn though!

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  1. Helen says:

    That was a lovely cup of tea, Em, just how I like it!
    Helen :)

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