A good Saturday

A whole saturday with nothing to do but spend it with M, walking & exploring London… I like these Saturdays, and it feels like we haven’t done this for ages…

First we stopped by the photographers gallery for some lunch – Jo’s cakes are amazing!. We walked down to Trafalger Sq where there was a demonstration being held against the publications of ‘the cartoons’. Strange to think in this high-tech age such power is still wielded by the drawn line…

We walked along the Strand, stopping in at St Mary Le Strand – it always seems marooned amongst the rush hour traffic during the week, it was beautiful seeing it with gates open and the garden starting to look spring-y and peaceful… I lit a candle for Aunt M and looked through the sea-green stain glass…

Further along we discovered some ‘Roman‘ baths, with an obscure sign saying to ‘turn right down steps’. There it was, behind murky glass and surrounded by builders…!.

Walking accross the Wobbly Bridge, we went into the Tate Modern where I gave in and bought a heap of books I had been after for ages: Penguin By Design (Penguin book covers), All Wrapped Up (designs from 60s wrapping paper), a book of photographs by Brassaï and the infamous book by Paul Arden* – it seemed to fit in with the whole AW project so there you go. Oh and a badge by Sara Fanelli saying ‘Masterpiece’ – I’ll be sure to wear this one with irony :)

We headed up towards Festival Hall and came accross some stunning and moving photographs of the aftermath of the Tsunami, in an outdoor exhibition by Magnum photographers.

Buskers are always playing on the Southbank, but this particular group – Portico Quartet – were brilliant.. I got goosebumps listening to the double bass, soprano sax and two drums called ‘hangs’ (a bit like gamelans)… Go and see them if you can (they play by the river every saturday between 2 and 6pm)

*He now runs a photograpy gallery in Petworth

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