those morning pages…

So as part of this K.S.J story and doing the project as a whole bunch of people… one of the things we are doing are morning pages. Kind of like an enforced diary where there is no crossing out, no pressure for it to even be legible and god forbid, we actually read it back! It’s a bit like running on the spot for the brain a bit… it warms your mind up ready for the day ahead! Also if you’ve written out all your procrastinating excuses and whinges (should that be what makes up some of your mp’s – ahem!) then there really is no excuse not to just get on, is there? plus I’ve had 5 ideas from nowhere appear amongst them – by magic! Not sure how I’ll marry not reading back over them with making sure I act on those ideas but I’m sure all will become clear…

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I had that happen to me while writing morning pages one morning this week. I didn’t go back and read them…I just took the inspiration (rather than verbatim words) of it and took it from there…

  2. shelagh says:

    Hiya, Those morning pages are something else aren’t they! I don’t think I could read mine even if I wanted too! You should have a separate little book maybe to jot down those ideas each morning, after your pages, so you won’t have to troll through looking for themm.

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