It becomes easier to do, than it does *not* to do…

:) I like that idea…
One of the exercises last week was to make a note of those people who’d inspired you (hero/ines in Artist’s Way talk…) One of these was a visiting lecturer from the States who did a workshop at Camberwell. We were all a bit ‘cool’ graphics students, liking our own specific ways of working thank you very much, and this workshop just did away with all that for a day.

We had only black ink and very large sheets of paper. A1 or A0 even… Where were our nice neat sketchbooks? our Rapidos, or Pentels?. Gone.

We had to ‘make marks’… (alarm bells rang). We had to make marks with whatever was around… (even more bells) Fingers, scrunched paper, fluff.. I think I even used a plastic spork at some point!… We weren’t to know why, nor what the end product was supposed to be… (oh! how can we cope???).

The thing is we did… and got into it… and had fun making a ton of ‘marks’… These were then turned into groups of textures, an alphabet, I think I even made a picture book out of them by the end… not bad for a days work when we didn’t even know what we were supposed to be doing!

I wish I could remember her name – I just know she has a studio in New York somewhere with drawers and drawers of these ‘marks’ to use for her illustrations…

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  1. kat says:

    in one of my first drawing classes in college we did a similar exercise, drawing with sticks, scissors, fingers, feathers, whatever…it was definitely fun and eye-opening!

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