Birch2 – only 3 months late!

So… Moira’s birthday has been and gone and now high summer, so probably not the best time to receive a snug shawl… but there you go! As she was the first person to teach me to knit, and to watch as I yanked the poor stitches to their knotty death, I can only hope she enjoys the improvement!


On another crafty note – some of the Banjo birds have flown to Seattle where they are part of another show called Plush You! – it is happening at the Schmancy shop from 12 August 2005.
Also some photos from the Banjo Artshow are in the new edition of Lodown (layout by banjo member  joyful impression)

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  1. Rachel says:

    the birch is beautiful… you should be v. proud!

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