Spring weekends

Seems like as well as work and exams I have had to squeeze in time for quick trips to the country… :) The beginning of may I took SK and M to the New Forest for a day of cycling through the woods… a brilliant day of ponies, trees, picnics and ale! This this last weekend I bit the bullet and organised my first U75 walk – to Devil’s Dyke.. strictly speaking they are London based so I figured I was pushing my luck to get people a) out of London, b) believing me that it would be sunny enough for a picnic! and c) out of bed early enough on a Sunday morning… luckily 12 people did and a grand day was had… M took some brilliant pics here

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  1. ilona says:

    god, that looks lovely!! the bus is amazing.

  2. Gawblimeyman says:

    Just like to say they’re some of the best photos of Brighton I’ve ever seen! The ones you’ve picked are all great! I’ve never been to Devil’s Dyke, but next time I pop down to the coast, if it’s not raining of course!, I’m going to hop on that bus and go there! I’ll sign off now as a wide eyed, amazed city boy!

  3. goldtop says:

    Gawblimeyman: thanks for your comments, but they aren’t my pics, they’re ones my boyf took while we were there.. I will pass on your kind words to him…
    Hope you get to catch the bus – it’s brilliant!

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