Sunday afternoons (are the new black)

This Sunday we were going to check out P’s new afternoon at the Harrison – In The Pines… an afternoon of folk, blues and country plus, and this is the clincher!, veggie and vegan roast dinners…yum! but on calling ahead realised we wouldn’t be able to take J who is only 11 so we ventured west to do walk around Osterly Park instead… Took a picnic and some warm gloves and got to walk about 6 miles, see some ducks and horses, barges, a ‘flight’ of locks, a vintage cortina and a canoeing club making their way east along the canals… plus to eat treacle tart and have a much appreciated hot cup of tea in the converted stables that is the cafe at Osterly House. M has some pics of the walk here
So maybe make In the Pines next time or…. [drum roll]… Crafternoon! the name alone should be enough to tempt you… more details from I when I get them…

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