Stirring Jam – Craft Club Jam 2008


So this year we found pick-you-own heaven in the form of Garsons… At the last minute we discovered our intended PYO was closed due to *no strawberries at all* and so Garsons was picked at random… oh happy day :)

Between us we picked not only the raspberries and strawberries that went into the jam, but also beetroot, mange tout, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower and gooseberries.

The farm is set in 100 acres by the river Mole and there is even a picnic field, horses, and ice cream van, scarecrows, garden centre and farm shop… we will be back for plums, apples and pumpkins in the autumn!

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  1. Bevans Butchers says:

    I hope you enjoyed Happy day without strawberries at all :)

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