London Transport Museum stencil ticket

photo from flickr

We went to London Transport Museum last Saturday now it’s been re-opened. I was convinced there were transport museum themed cocktails to be had in the bar, and was keen to try a ‘Routemaster’. Sadly she was disappointed as they only had the usual tea and coffee – a trick missed I think. The seats are covered in a 30s Northern Line moquette which slightly made up for it though :).

The museum features lots more interactive stuff (a la the new exhibits at the Science Museum, the Wellcome Collection and the British Galleries in the V&A). Part of this is the ‘Follow the trail’ stamper ticket, a cardboard leaflet that you get stamped with die-cut icons of 13 sections of the museum; horses, buses, tubes etc. I took this quite seriously and collected all 13! I ended up cutting them out and using them as individual stencils (see pic).

Another great feature of the museum was the ‘run-across-live-tube-rails-and-see-what-happens’ exhibit (cue blue sparking lights and You Are Now Dead signs). I couldn’t decide whether this would act as a deterrent or, seeing loads of kids run screaming and squealing with delight across them, as an incentive?! Anyhow, a grand day out :)

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