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A visit to Ditto Press for risograph printing

As a way of documenting the ‘How long is a piece of string‘ installation, I designed a fold-out poster containing some background information about the project. Also included are details about the process of making the work,...

Book design for X-ray Audio exhibition

I got to see a book I designed for Strange Attractor Press in real life yesterday, at the accompanying exhibition in London’s Horse Hospital. “Many older people in Russia remember seeing and hearing strange vinyl type...

In-house magazine design for fashion brand Lipsy

One of the projects I worked on during my contract at Lipsy was to take the quarterly in-house magazine and redesign it. What it was crying out for was some consistency and a grid! The...

litho printing in your kitchen

Using an online tutorial, our craft club made some basic litho prints in the kitchen using only tinfoil and coca cola!

Lobster / Snobber

If the words Vomit, Flu, Deadline, and Lethargy had been some of those omitted from the Junior OUP Dictionary, I'd have done quite well these past four days of Every Day in May… I...

Eloise Grey Catalogue

Eloise Grey Catalogue

Finally finished the catalogue for Eloise Grey’s 2008 collection… v. excited to be getting a deBeauvoir jacket her Hepsibah show next week!

Electric Sheep Magazine

Electric Sheep Magazine

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t blogged much this summer… Have been working on two big projects; one of which came to fruition last night at the Roxy Bar & Screen. I’d designed the...