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Baking ups and downs…

photo from flickr

So; Leap Year, St David’s Day and then Mother’s Day – a jam packed weekend that was! and it involved a lot of baking…
The Welsh cakes for Offline were a success (after I realised that making them is along the same lines as doing pancakes – the first few are either burnt or a bit raw; then you get the temp. sussed and it’s plain sailing!).
The Lemon cake for Mother’s day exploded somewhat. It tasted ok, but looked crap, so SK got a box of chocs instead! We had a lovely afternoon, going to see the extravagance that is the Wallace Collection (the over the top Rococo can make you feel a bit ill after a while!) then wandering up Marylebone High St, window shopping and spending a good hour *smelling* in Terre d’Oc. I highly recommend it; they have these big coloured glass bell jars over scented candles that you lift and inhale; and little cupboards to open and do the same… heaven! Ended with tea and cheesecake in Eat & Two Veg then a walk through Regent’s park… lovely!

Tuba (return)

Have to do some work for Sotheby’s so make use of the free wi-fi @ Cake Shop and more coffee & bagels… :) walk downtown to Battery Park and check out the Skyscraper Museum (much tiner than I thought it’d be!). D has people over to the flat for her birthday and we have to duck out for a while to see M play tuba in his band..

coffee and bagels

Coffee & bagels at the super lovely Cake Shop (152 Ludlow) and then head down to the Tenement Museum – very interesting, as is the debrief we took part in afterwards… v American with lots of ‘sharing’ and ‘facilitating’, but had a good chat / discussion with the other visitors about the visit…
Another office suite, another hidden away place; this time the Lark theatre (or Play Development Centre!) to see D in a play by her friend; The Danger of Bleeding Brown Blood. Meet lots of theatre people and D at the Vynl Diner (Hell’s Kitchen) for Vynl-tini’s after…

Buttons and babies

Partake in the NY ritual that is doing laundry in the basement… quite weird, but quite comforting too.. it’s warm and has clean smells, and some kind people have left lots of books to read…
Visit Tender Buttons (143 E. 62nd St @ Lexington Ave and am overwhelmed by the choice… love their framed button ‘pictures’ though so might use that as an idea..
Take the subway down to Brooklyn and walk through Prospect Park (love it!) to Brooklyn Museum of Art.. see Rob Mueck’s amazing people.. can’t stop ‘watching’ them to see if they move :)
Uptown to meet M and watch a taping of the Colbert Report – good fun, but v. short.. I guess once they put in all the ads it makes up a half an hour slot, but really it was about 12 mins filming!
Go to the Sidewalk Cafe (94 Ave A) for dinner and watch the bands… a strange British sound engineer makes announcements them in a ‘scream-if-you-want-to-go-faster style that is a bit disconcerting…Pink Margaritas… :)

Christmas glitter

photo from flickr

M taking pictures for Sothebys on York Ave.. walk around freezing cold Central Park then meet J for lunch near his work on 6th and 55th. Do a bit of Christmas Shopping at the Folk Art Museum and Moma Design shops. Walk down to Times Sq and Macy’s and get maximum sensory overload of lights, Christmas songs etc.. (quite like it!)
Eventually find School Products in an office suite on Broadway… go nuts for Brown Sheep yarn (cannot believe this is up to £11 in UK and am buying it here for £3.50).. meet girls who have a stall at a craft fair in Hoboken on Sunday.
Meet D and go for a beer at Otto’s Shrunken Head

Oats and other things

Some serious time on the internet tonight that led from a newsletter from the 24 Hour Museum (always good for ideas for an AD), to an exhibition of Quaker tapestries (I love this mixture of words and pictures) in Norwich, to thinking about Quakers (and oats – unfortunately nothing to do with Quakers, or even William Penn*, and all to do with Pepsico) and other kinds of tapestries (again, the mixture of words and pictures), to being reminded of a children’s book I once had, to reading about the man who did paintings of the same name, to reading some more about Quakers and ‘about the intersection of religion & politics, conscience & law, history & biography‘, to taking another look at the fabulous idea that is Pepys Diary online (one new entry everyday for hmm… probably the next few years at least!) to finding out about the man who is responsible for this project and then seeing where is 10 minutes from anywhere on the tube!

*Funnily enough the trial of Penn & Meade came up on the project I am working on at the moment about the importance of impartiality, I never knew it was *that* Penn though!

Just because a cat has kittens in the oven doesn’t make them pasties…

Wise words from the man at The St Ives Museum…
Had a lovely time by the seaside and we managed to cycle over 80 miles on the lil bikes…
photograph of dahon bikes
mine’s the one on the left! (photo: urban75)

Up big hills and down again, on sand, gravel and cobbles (the causeway accross to St Michaels Mount), through country lanes, accross the moors (picking blackberries whilst trying to find Ding Dong) and in the sun and rain… and no punctures – yay!