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Make a mid-century style chair from a conker, dress pins and yarn

Walking through the park the other day I saw my first conkers of the year…

I love them; how they feel so smooth and shiny in your hand…

I have fond memories of my granny teaching me to make ‘fairy’ furniture from the fallen conkers in her back garden…

See below for how to make one using a conker, dress pins and some yarn!

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Lobster / Snobber

Lobster / Snobber

If the words Vomit, Flu, Deadline, and Lethargy had been some of those omitted from the Junior OUP Dictionary, I'd have done quite well these past four days of Every Day in May… I don't seem to remember them on the list though, so I get back in the saddle with Lobster instead.

I used to have a rubber lobster bath toy that I think I ate the antenna, or at least some of the legs of.

I couldn't say lobster then ( I was v small) so he became a snobber instead. So here are some dancing Snobbers. (Lino-print / acrylic / some scribble & Photoshop)

Moving Pictures

I’d bought a copy of the The Adventures of Prince Achmed about 4 months ago, but had never got around to watching it. As my mum was coming over for the evening for a belated Christmas evening, I suggested we watch it…
"errr…. that’s what I got you as your Christmas present!"

Doh! Anyhow, we watched it and were transported into a magical animated world; it was hard to remember the silhouettes were all hand cut, the animation stop-frame and this done in the 20s.

The new edition has beautiful saturated colours, swirly and smoky effects that make you really think hard as to how it was achieved and delicate, delicate silhouettes.

It reminded me of the Kingdom Under the Sea book I had as a child with illustrations by Jan Pienkowski and of the magic lantern slides I’d seen on a barge in Little Venice. Perhaps on the puppet barge? I love the pic from the early 80s which exactly evokes my memories of the lock from when I was small :)

Close to Nature

photo from flickr

Up at 7 on a foggy Sunday morning (made ever-so slightly worth it by seeing participants taking part in the Brighton Run), then 4 hours on a train / bus / train to Dorset for my grandma’s housewarming… after 20+ years of living in a thatched cottage worthy of a chocolate box portrait, she’s moved to the ‘big city’ (about 4 miles down to road, pop. 2,920). The new house is lovely, and of great import to me, has beautiful deep windowsills; big enough to curl up on with a book. These windowseats and their cushions are one of the outstanding memories I have of her last house, and I’m pleased to see the tradition continue… maybe it’s a Dorset thing… Anyhow, she seems very settled and happy in her new home, and I wish her many happy times in it.

Jo Sharp – Box Jacket

photo from flickr

Finally got hold of the yarn I needed and am making a start on the front – put in my first pocket! It is a lovely yarn to knit with, very, very soft… I can see why it sells out!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Box Stitch Jacket from Jo Sharp’s Eclectic book
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (10 x 110m @ £3.95 ea.) in Purple (07), lot 50
Needles: suggested –  3.75 & 4mm, actual –  3.25 & 3mm

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jo Sharp Christmas

photo from flickr

Her Box Stitch Jacket it what I’ll be knitting for SK for her Christmas present…

Poor love looked a bit confused when she received a bundle of ribbon tied swatches in these various colours, but a: I wanted to be sure I picked the right colour and b: ummm it was getting too close to Christmas to hope to have it finished by then.. I thought some artsy swatches might go down better than a half-done sleeve in the wrong shade!

Anyhow, she picked the DB Cashmerino DK in Purple… expect to see it featuring on here quite a bit in the future… :)

Advent – 18 Dec ’05

Dec 18: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a family revalation!

Went over to west London today to see uncles and aunts for a delicious dinner.. Aunt G just finished writing the A-Z of Italian cookery (after 2 years – apparantly the previous author had taken 20 and the editors were keen to keep her from doing the same thing!). Aunt J took her earrings from where they had been making up part of the Christmas tree decorations. Uncle F poured champagne and Uncle J said that in fact that our family name was a nonsense as his real great grandfather had… [family secret resulting in stony silences, changing of topic etc etc for the past 50 years] and in fact our name had come from my great great grandmother’s 3rd husband who had brought up the family as his own… Christmas wouldn’t be the same without stories like these.. :)

Later that afternoon was the annual Craft Club Christmas where the festive florentines made an appearance, as did fluffy kittens messing with our wool, home-made mince pies and mulled wine – yum!

Birch2 – only 3 months late!

BirchSo… it’s only 3 months after MM’s birthday has been and gone and now high summer, so probably not the best time to receive a snug shawl… but there you go! As MM was the first person to teach me to knit, and to watch as I yanked the poor stitches to their knotty death, I can only hope she enjoys the improvement!

On another crafty note – some of the Banjo birds have flown to Seattle where they are part of another show called Plush You! – it is happening at the Schmancy shop from 12 August 2005.
Also some photos from the Banjo Artshow are in the new edition of Lodown (layout by banjo member  joyful impression)